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CodingSTEAM is hiring Python or Robotics Teachers (18 to 25€ per 30 mins of class)


At CodingSTEAM, we aim to future-proof our careers by learning to problem-solve like an engineer and code like it’s our native language. We understand that the next generation will face critical challenges in disciplines and in areas of human knowledge that don’t even exist yet! Therefore, we know we have to prepare accordingly.

We believe learning how to think abstractly and creatively will unlock our potential to master and solve all of these challenges. We employ the same concepts and tools, that current professionals and academics use daily, to generate a real-life learning experience while making sure the time spent is engaging.

Our core values can be seen represented in the benefits we provide, as we believe in the value of an engineering mindset, deep understanding and efficient use of your time.

We want our students to be able to break down and solve any problem, using the skills we teach, but also to realise most solutions are iterative. We may not find the most efficient answer straight away, so resilience against tough problems is also necessary. We teach according to each student’s current ability, not just depending on their age, as we feel that would be underestimating our students.

We are a small group of passionate mentors, teaching how we would have liked to have been able to learn.

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