Conference : English as a Lingua Franca in Technical Communication


Desde el departamento de Lingüistica Aplicada nos mandan la siguiente invitación al evento:

In agreement with our adaptation to the Bolonia process, it is our pleasure to invite you and those students who could be interested in the issue, to attend our next international conference at the ETSIT. This will be delivered by the U.S. Professor Pamela Faber, from the University of Granada, entitled “English as a Lingua Franca in Technical Communication”.

Professor Faber enjoys high prestige in the international academic world. She has delivered conferences of various academic topics in Spain, as well as in many other countries.

In her conference, Pr. Faber will analyze the use of English as an academic and professional tool for communication in the European Union, refuting those who consider this a threatening reality. Rather, she views English as a complement to other national languages, an enrichening means to share research and knowledge. Pr. Faber will focus the content of her talk on our ETSIT students context, emphasizing the importance of mastering this language if they wish to actively participate in the international technological and scientific activities.

The conference will take place on November 25, from 1 to 2 pm, at the Aula Magna of Bldg. A. I hope you’ll be able to attend.


María Blanco

Dep. of Applied Linguistics