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Digital Television Software Engineer

If you are a software developer that loves audiovisual, media streaming and television technologies, we might have the perfect job for you!

Mirada is a software development company that builds solutions for the Digital Television and media sector.

Our products are used by leading TV operators and broadcasters worldwide, to deliver innovative digital TV services to their customers. We develop backend systems for managing the TV Platform and frontend applications for the final clients to consume audio-visual content.

You can find more information about what we do in our web page:

In the software development centre, we are working with trendy programming languages and technologies, trying to find the most optimal solution for each different need and usually choosing “native languages”.

We started in the year 2000, as a small team in Madrid, but we are now more than 60 developers with teams in Madrid, Castellón and Exeter … and we are growing. We develop backend and frontend solutions.

We have 3 main systems in backend:

· SDP: Providing support to the client applications (STBs, Android, iOS, Web, Smart TVs, Android TVs, etc), besides, for the TV operator to control the platform, i.e. managing clients, devices, channels, VoD Catalogue, billing, etc.
· AMS/CMS: In charge of the content/metadata acquisition and management.
· LogIQ: Receiving metrics from the clients to provide reports and useful data to the operators, e.g. audience measurement, customers behaviours and quality of service.

The systems architecture is based in micro-services that are deployed in Kubernetes using Docker containers. The solution is mainly developed in Java (Rx-Java) and Clojure, besides, we are using many trendy libraries and frameworks: SpringBoot, Gradle, docker-compose, minikube, Archaius, Hystrix, RabbitMQ, Amazon Kinesis, RedShift, Redis, Oracle RAC, Ratpack, Guava, Prometheus, Grafana, but there are more …

Frontend applications are developed in native languages: C++ for Sep-Top-Box, Android, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift for the Devices, Angular and ReactJS for web and the backend administrative tools.

We are a product company, then we love robust solutions and we promote “good programming practices”, looking for excellence in our product development. Starting with the coding style that guarantees an easy to read and commented code, the proper usage of code repositories in Git and Mercurial, a good unit testing coverage, continuous integration and continuous deployment with an important set of (nightly and) automatic testing in our lab.

This is not the kind of software systems that you build in few months, then you finish when the delivery is done. But our solutions and the global ecosystem are really complex. The development, evolution and maintenance of the different applications usually last for several years. Everything need to be properly tracked, then we use Mercurial, Git, Confluence and Jira for this purpose.

We are looking for new engineers to join our development and integration teams. We expect people with software development skills, but also flexible, fast learning, able to understand the different products and technologies in the Digital TV and Video Streaming ecosystems.

What we offer:

· Fixed salary depending on the experience of the successful candidate.
· Variable incentives.
· Ticket Restaurant.
· Health insurance.
· Flexibility with taking holidays.
· Short working hours every Friday and throughout July and August.
· Fantastic work environment.
· English classes.
· Regular outdoor and team-building events.
· In-office perks such as Fruit Friday.
· and much more…

Check our web ( )or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a sneak peek into life at Mirada!

To apply to this job offer, please contact us through any of the platforms abobe or just send us an email to

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